Cubs World Series 2016

They did it! The Chicago Cubs won the World Series! Having grown up in Chicago, it was an amazing experience to share in the joy of the win with Juan and the children. The night of the NCLS pendant win, we ordered Giordanno’s and watched most of the game with the kids, then Juan and I biked over to Wrigley Field to celebrate the win in the streets. Game 5 of the World Series, we hopped in an Uber with a couple of the kids and headed to Wrigley Field to celebrate. Throughout the season we had a great time taking the kids to their first game at Wrigley, getting together with friends and family to watch the games at each others homes and the possibility of winning was exhilarating!

The day after the World Series win, I surprised the kids by taking them to Wrigley Field after school. They were pumped! Carlos asked me to blast “Go Cubs Go” out of the car window as we entered Wrigleyville and found parking. It was super fun to soak in the celebration and enjoy together. As we made our way to the memorial chalk wall, we high-fived other fans having fun and basking in the excitement of the win. Cubs_Wrigley_Field_Wall_Kids_FansWe spent about a good hour reading many of the messages left by Cubbies fans young and old and then left a few messages and art of our own.
img_4966Chicago_Cubs_Kid_Latinoimg_4960Maya decided to decorate the memorial paver of former Cubs radio announcer, Vince Lloyd, with a couple of “Fly the W” flags. Rest in Peace Vince.


For the past two Cubs seasons living in Chicago, I’ve been telling the kids that when the Cubs win the world series, the celebration would be huge! When we found out the celebratory parade and rally would be on a Friday, we were excited to break the news to the kids that they would be missing school to attend! It turned out to be the 7th largest event to be attended in human history with 5 million people! It was fun taking the El to the celebration and Juan was able to take some great photographs while there. It was pretty packed as you can imagine a 5 million person event would be and to add to the excitement, our family music group, Cielito Lindo Family Folk Music, was asked to do a radio interview at 11:40am that day! More of that to come…

img_4948-1The kids are already counting down the days for the opportunity to audition and apply to sing the National Anthem at Wrigley Field. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year and hope that the family’s dream of singing for the Cubs at Wrigley Field will come true!

❤️ Susy