Meet Juan Super dad and head of the group Instruments: guitar & vocals Interests: photography & music
Meet Diego 14 year old Diego is the oldest in the family Instruments: guitarron & vocals Interests: coding, acting, & ukulele
meet lilia Age: 8
Instrument: maracas & vocals
Interests: exploring & crafting
Meet Miguel 13 year old Miguel is the 2nd oldest in the family Instruments: trumpet & vocals Interests: illustration, animation, storytelling
Meet Antonio 12 year old Antonio is the 3rd oldest in the family Instruments: trumpet & vocals Interests: drawing, clay & architecture
Meet Carlos 10 year old Carlos is the 4th oldest in the family Instruments: guitar & vocals Interests: animation, sports & creating comics
Cielito Lindo The 5 musicians of Cielito Lindo range in age from 10 to 39 and are all
members of the 9 person Lucero family (2 parents & 7 children).
The Lucero family moved to Chicago from New Mexico in 2015
for all of the opportunities that a larger city can provide.
Their musical story starts with the eldest sons who began performing
with their father in public at 3 and 4 years old.

In the last two years, Cielito Lindo has been invited to perform with
2 Grammy winning artist and at the National Museum of Mexican Art,
WGN morning news, WGN Radio, Old Town School of Folk Music,
Navy Pier and Allstate Arena. The group focuses mainly on “mariachi”
and the traditional music of Mexico but perform the occasional
a cappella & English pop song. These musicians use their powerful voices
in combination with the guitar, vihuela, guitarron, & trumpet to make
beautiful acoustic music. Their repertoire includes bolero, ranchera,
cumbia, huagpango & son. Established in 2013, Cielito Lindo has performed
for over 100 events both in and around Illinois.
call or text 312 . 721 . 9115
Meet the Rest of the Family
Meet Maya 6 year old Maya can't wait to joini Cielito Lindo Instruments: maracas & vocals Interests: singing, dancing & mixed media art
Meet Mateo 3 going on 4 year old Mateo is the baby of the family Instruments: maracas & vocals Interests: playdoh, coloring & cuddling
Meet Susy Super Mami & marketing creative extraordinare Instruments on ocasion: maracas, tarima & vocals Interests: art, design, & creativity