Meet Juan Super dad and head of the group Instruments: guitar & vocals
Interests: photography & music
Meet Diego 14 year old Diego is the oldest in the family Instruments: guitarron & vocals
Interests: coding, acting, & ukulele
meet lilia Age: 8
Instrument: maracas & vocals
Interests: exploring & crafting
Meet Miguel 13 year old Miguel is the 2nd oldest in the family Instruments: trumpet & vocals
Interests: illustration, animation, storytelling
Meet Antonio 12 year old Antonio is the 3rd oldest in the family Instruments: trumpet & vocals
Interests: drawing, clay & architecture
Meet Carlos 10 year old Carlos is the 4th oldest in the family Instruments: guitar & vocals
Interests: animation, sports & creating comics
Cielito Lindo
Cielito Lindo is a family group that focus on “mariachi” and the traditional music of Mexico.
These musicians (ages 10-14) use their powerful voices & play guitar, vihuela, guitarron,
and trumpet. Their repertoire includes bolero, ranchera, cumbia, huagpango & son.
Based in Chicago and established in 2013, Cielito Lindo has performed for many weddings
and well over 100 events both in and around Illinois.
call or text 312 . 721 . 9115
Meet the Rest of the Family
Meet Maya 6 year old Maya can't wait to joini Cielito Lindo Instruments: maracas & vocals
Interests: singing, dancing & mixed media art
Meet Mateo 3 going on 4 year old Mateo is the baby of the family Instruments: maracas & vocals

Interests: playdoh, coloring & cuddling
Meet Susy Super Mami & marketing creative extraordinare Instruments on ocasion: maracas, tarima & vocals

Interests: art, design, & creativity