Cielito Lindo Family Music

Cielito Lindo is a modern Latino mariachi style band formed by the Lucero family of 9. The family performs the traditional music of Mexico but also performs the occasional a cappella & English pop song. Their goal, is to share their culture and inspire families to enjoy and explore music and the arts together.



Birthday Parties, weddings, festivals and more!
Choose from a 1-2 hour performance.


Serenatas/Serenades are shorter, sometimes surprise performances, for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and proposals.


Workshops can include a combination of speaking and interactive performance, storytime and more. We'll work with you to provide the perfect fit for you library, school or group.


Meet the Family!

A family of 9 creating and sharing our music, art, and adventures!

Juan Lucero

Papi, Guitar, Vihuela, Guitarron & Harmonies.

Diego Lucero

15 years old. Guitarron, Ukele & Harmonies.

Miguel Lucero

14 years old. Trumpet & Harmonies.

Antonio Lucero

13 years old. Vihuela & Harmonies.

Carlos Lucero

11 years old. Guitar & Harmonies.

Lilia Lucero

9 years old. Maracas & Vocals.

Maya Lucero

7 years old. Maracas, Vocals & Dancing.

Mateo Lucero

4 years old. Maracas & Vocals.

Susy Garcia Lucero

Mami, Dancer & Unicorn.


"To meet a couple with 7 children is shocking but then to learn that every single member of that family is musically talented and together they make up a band that travels the Midwest entertaining thousands... that takes the shock to another level! That's the story of Cielito Lindo, one of Chicagos very own. Cielito Lindo has been entertaining Chicago for the last 2 years from private parties to a Bulls game. This family of 9 has wowed anyone who listens to it's wonderful talent. "
- Ana Belaval,
WGN News


"Esta agrupación familiar se destaca por mantener vigente la música regional mexicana. Juan Lucero y sus siete hijos se encargan de enaltecer el patrimonio cultural propio de sus raíces hispanas."
- Jesse Echeverría,
Univision Chicago 
"Our first thought: 'How cute.' But as we approached, it became clear there was real talent on display."
- Jay Shefsky,
Chicago Tonight WTTW PBS


"The whole family has impressive singing and musical abilities and they performed a really nicely balanced set that included traditional songs as well as familiar favorites such as La Bamba. They really had the audience dancing and moving and they grabbed the attention of people who were just passing by. I appreciated that they were so engaging with the audience and spoke to parents about the importance of exploring the arts at home and how it's impacted their family. Aside from their really fun and memorable musical performance, the whole family was just great to work with. I would very enthusiastically welcome them back for a return performance!"
- John Mangahas,
Chicago Public Library programs and resources  

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