Meet the Family!

Our core group consists of Juan, Diego, Miguel, Antonio, Carlos, and Lilia. 

Juan Lucero (Dad)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Guitar, vihuela, guitarron and sings.
About: Loves bike riding and photogrophy. Enjoys attending neighborhood festivals, as well as music and art events around Chicago.

Diego Lucero (17)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Guitarron, ukulele and sings.
About: Senior computer science major at Lane Tech College Prep. Enjoys producing music, filming, and playing the electric guitar, bass, and piano.

Miguel Lucero (16)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Trumpet and sings.
About: Junior animation major at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Enjoys drawing, storyboarding, and animating, as well as attending theater productions.

Antonio Lucero (15)

Cielito Lindo: Plays vihuela and sings.
About: Freshman at Beacon Academy.Teen Ambassador for the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago. Enjoys producing music in Garage Band and Photography.

Carlos Lucero (13)

Cielito Lindo: Plays guitar, vihuela, ukelele and sings.
About: Won the Chicago Bulls Kids Talent Competition 2019. Enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Loves working on graphic design projects.

Lilia Lucero (11)

Cielito Lindo: Plays maracas and sings.
About: Loves dogs. Enjoys learning to play the violin, reading, is an adventurer and enjoys learning to code.

(Maya, Mateo, and Mom join in on most public performances.)

Maya Lucero (9)

Cielito Lindo: Plays maracas, sings, and dances.
About: Enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and designing. Loves animals, bike riding, and cooking.

Mateo Lucero (7)

Cielito Lindo: Performance helper and plays maracas.
About: Loves dogs and going to the park. Enjoys drawing, using his imagination, and designing structures with blocks and Legos.

Susy Garcia Lucero (Mom)

Cielito Lindo: Dances/Leads family workshop shows.
About: Loves everything related to creativity and design. Enjoys the Chicago lakefront, dancing, and spending time with friends.