Birthday Parties, weddings, festivals and more!
Choose from a 1-2 hour performance.


Serenatas/Serenades are shorter, sometimes surprise performances, for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and proposals.


Workshops can include a combination of speaking and interactive performance, storytime and more. We'll work with you to provide the perfect fit for your library, museum or school group.



Cielito Lindo is a modern Latino mariachi style band formed by the Lucero family of 9. The family performs the traditional music of Mexico but also performs the occasional a cappella & English pop song. Their goal, is to share their culture and inspire families to enjoy and explore music and the arts together.

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Meet the Family!

A family of 9 creating and sharing our music, art, and adventures!

Juan Lucero (Dad)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Guitar, vihuela, guitarron and sings.
About: Loves bike riding and taking photos. Enjoys attending Chicago neighborhood festivals and music jams.

Diego Lucero (16)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Guitarron, ukulele and sings.
About: Junior and computer science major at Lane Tech College Prep. Enjoys producing music, filming, as well as playing the electric guitar and piano for fun.

Miguel Lucero (15)

Cielito Lindo: Plays Trumpet and sings.
About: Sophmore and animation major at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. Enjoys drawing, storyboarding and animating.

Antonio Lucero (13)

Cielito Lindo: Plays vihuela and sings.
About: Teen Ambassador for the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago. Enjoys photography, design and making movies.

Carlos Lucero (12)

Cielito Lindo: Plays guitar, vihuela, ukelele and sings.
About: Writes for the school newspaper. Enjoys playing basketball and soccer. Likes to draw, designing and building with Legos, and learning Photoshop.

Lilia Lucero (10)

Cielito Lindo: Plays maracas and sings.
About: Loves animals. Enjoys learning to play the violin, reading, exploring, searching for sea glass and seashells, and learning to code.

Maya Lucero (7)

Cielito Lindo: Plays maracas, sings and dances.
About: Enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and designing. Loves animals, bike riding, and cooking.

Mateo Lucero (5)

Cielito Lindo: Performance helper and plays maracas.
About: Loves dogs and going to the park. Enjoys drawing, using his imagination, and designing structures with blocks and Legos.

Susy Garcia Lucero (Mom)

Cielito Lindo: Dances/Leads family workshop shows.
About: Loves everything encompassing the world of creativity and design. Enjoys walking along the Chicago lakefront, dancing, and mindful living.

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